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The list below is correct on 5th December 2009. All these books are on my shelves in the shop, and can sell at any time; please phone or e-mail if you are interested in any volume, and I can let you know if it is still available.

The descriptions are not exhaustive, and if you need further details, again phone or e-mail. Assume that all have dust jackets unless otherwise indicated

As time allows, and as I can accumulate enough material, I will create pages devoted to particular stars; any names that are highlighted in the list below will link to that person's page.


Abbot & Costello Bud & Lou Bob Thomas WH Allen 1977 Laminated D/J, very good sold
Alda, Alan Never Have Your Dog Stuffed Hutchinson 2006 Excellent 10
Allen, Gracie Gracie: A Love Story George Burns Hodder & Stoughton 1989 Very good, D/J 15
Allen, Woody Woody Allen John Baxter Harper Collins 1999 Slight discolouring on D/J, otherwise very good 12
Anderson, Lindsay Mainly About Lindsay Anderson Gavin Lambert Faber 2000 Very Good 15
Ann-Margaret My Story Orion 1982 Very good, D/J 12
Arbuckle, Roscoe Fatty Andy Edmonds Macdonald 1991 D/J, very good 12
Armstrong, Louis Satchmo, My Life In New Orleans The Jazz Book Club 1957 Very Good 15
Askey, Arthur Before Your Very Eyes The Woburn Press 1975 Excellent 15
Astor, Mary A Life on Film Delacorte 1971 Slight wear on D/J 15
Atkinson, Rowan Rowan Atkinson Bruce Dessau Orion 1999 Very good, D/J 10
Bacall, Lauren By Myself and Then Some Headline 2005 Excellent 15
Bacall, Lauren Now Century 1994 Slight marks on D/J 10
Baker, Carroll Baby Doll Comet 1984 Paperback, slight wear Pictures after p288 printed upside down 5
Baker, Josephine Naked At The Feast Lynn Haney Robson 1985 Paperbook, very good 8
Ball, Lucille Lucy Joe Marella and Edward Z. Epstein WH Allen 1974 Very good, D/J 20
Bankhead, Tallulah Tallulah Gollancz 1952 Slight wear and marks on D/J 12
Bankhead, Tallulah Tallulah Darling Denis Brian Macmillan 1980 Very Good 15
Barr, Roseanne My Life As A Woman Collins 1990 Very good, D/J 5
Barrymore, Diana Too Much Too Soon Frederick Muller 1957 Slight wear on D/J, some writing inside 15
Barrymore, Ethel Memories Hutton 1956 Laminated D/J, chipped Inscribed by author 70
Barrymores We Barrymores Lionel Barrymore Peter Davies 1950 Laminated D/J, some creases, tears and chips 10
Barrymores We Barrymores Lionel Barrymore Peter Davies 1950 No D/J 10
Barrymores The Barrymores: The Royal Family In Hollywood James Kotsilibas-Davis Arthur Baker 1981 Some tears in D/J, inscribed 15
Barrymores The House of Barrymore Margot Peters Touchstone 1990 Creased spine Paperback 8
Barrymores The House of Barrymore Margot Peters Knopf 1990 Very good condition 12
Barrymores We Barrymores Lionel Barrymore Peter Davies 1951 Very good, D/J chipped and a bit worn Rare in D/J 20
Basinger, Kim Longer Than Forever Ron Britton Blake 1998 Very good, D/J Focuses on her marriage to Ron Britton 5
Bassey, Shirley Shirley Muriel Burgess Century 1998 Very good, D/J 10
Baxter, Anne Intermission WH Allen 1977 Very good, D/J 15
Beatty, Warren Warren Beatty Suzanne Munshower WH Allen 1983 No D/J 4
Beatty, Warren Warren Beatty: The Sexiest Man Alive Ellis Amburn Virgin 2003 Very good 10
Beatty, Warren Warren Beatty, A Life And A Story David Thomson Secker and Warburg 1987 Excellent 10
Belushi, John Wired, The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi Bob Woodward  Simon and Schuster 1984 Good condition, some wear, D/J chipped at top of spine Rare in this hard back edition 20
Belushi, John Wired, the short life and fast times of John Belushi Bob Woodward Simon and Schuster 1984 Very good 20
Benny, Jack Jack Benny Irving A Fein WH Allen 1976 No D/J Foreward by George Burns 7
Benny, Jack Jack Benny Mary Livingstone Benny Robson Books 1978 Good only Many library markings 5
Bentine, Michael The Long Banana Skin Wolf publishing 1975 Excellent 15
Bergman, Ingrid My Story Michael Josepg 1980 Very good, D/J 10
Berle, Milton B.S. I Love You McGraw-Hill 1988 Very good ex-library with minimal markings 10
Berlin, Irving American Troubadour Edward Jablonski Henry Holt 1999 Very good, D/J 18
Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin Michael Freedland WH Allen 1974 Very good, clean D/J 10
Berlin, Irving A Daughter's Memoir Mary Ellin Barrett Simon and Schuster 1994 Very good, D/J 12
Berry, Halle A Stormy Life Frank Sanello Virgin 2003 Very good 10
Blondell, Joan Centre Door Fancy WH Allen 1973 Very Good with some chipping to top of D/J 15
Bloom, Claire Limelight and After Butler & Tanner 1982 Very good, D/J 12
Bloom, Claire Leaving a Doll's House Virago 1996 Very good 10
Bloom, Claire Leaving A Doll's House Virago Press 1996 Excellent 10
Bogarde, Dirk An Orderly Man Book Club Associates 1983 Sun damage to spine 10


Bogarde, Dirk Dirk Bogarde The Authorised Biography John Coldstream Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2004 Excellent 12
Bogarde, Dirk Snakes And Ladders Chato & Windus 1978 Very Good 10
Bogart, Humphrey Bogie Joe Hyams New American Library 1966 Slight marks on D/J otherwise very good Introduction by Lauren Bacall 25
Bogart, Humprey Humprey Bogart Nathaniel Benchley Hutchin & co. 1975 Slight wear to D/J 20
Bogart, Humprhey Bogie Joe Hyams WH Allen 1971 Superb, D/J 15
Boorman, John Adventures of a Suburban Boy Faber and Faber 2003 Very good 10
Boorman, John Adventures Of A Suburban Boy Faber and Faber 2003 Excellent 10
Boyer, Charles The Reluctant Lover Larry Swindell Doubleday 1983 Slight chips to D/J 10
Boyer, Charles Charles Boyer Larry Swindell Weindenfeld and Nicolson 1983 Excellent 12
Brando, Marlon Brando Charles Higham Sidgwick & Jackson 1987 Very good, D/J 10
Brando, Marlon Brando Peter Manso Weidenfield & Nicolson 1994 Very good 12
Brando, Marlon Portrait of the Rebel As An Artist Bob Thomas WH Allen 1973 Very good 10
Brett, Jeremy The Man Who Became Sherlock Holmes Terry Manners Virgin 1997 No dust jacket 8
Brosnan, Pierce Pierce Brosnan Peter Carrick Robert Hale 2000 Very good 10
Bryan, Dora According To Dora Bodley Head 1987 Excellent 10
Bryner, Yul Yul, The Man Who Would Be King Rock Bryner Collins 1989 Very good, D/J 12
Brynner, Yul Yul, The Man Who Would Be King Rock Brynner Simon and Schuster 1989 Excellent 15
Buchanan, Jack Top Hat & Tails Michael Marshall Elm Tree Books 1978 Excellent 15
Bull, Peter Life Is A cucumber Peter Davies Ltd 1973 Excellent 15
Bull, Peter Bull's Eyes Robin Clark Ltd 1985 Excellent 12
Burke, Billie With a Feather On My Nose Appleton-Century-Crofts 1949 Laminated D/J, sun damage on spine, good 20
Burns, George In His Own Words ed. Herb Fagen Carrol & Graff 1996 Very good 6
Burns, George All My Best Friends Muller 1990 Very good 10
Burns, George The Third Time Around WH Allen 1980 Laminated dust jacket, library editon usual markings 10
Burns, George I Love Her That's Why WH Allen 1954 No D/J Prologue by Jack Benny 10
Burns, George 100 Years, 100 Stories Putnam 1996 Excellent condition 10
Burns, George Living It Up WH Allen 1977 Very Good 10
Burton, Richard A Life  Melvyn Bragg Little, Brown & co. 1988 Very good, D/J 12
Burton, Richard Rich Melvyn Bragg Hodder & Staughton 1988 Very good 10
Burton, Richard Richard & Elizabeth Lester David & Jhan Robbins Arthur Baker 1977 Good condition, library edition, usual markings 5
Cagney, James Cagney John McCabe Aurum Press 1998 Excellent 15
Cahn, Sammy I Should Care Abbor House 1974 No D/J 10
Caine, Michael My Name Is Michael Caine, A Life In Film Anne Billson Muller 1991 Very good 8
Caine, Michael 70 Not Out William Hall John Blake 2003 Very good 10
Caine, Michael Arise William Hall John Blake 2000 Very good 10
Callas, Maria The Tigress and the Lamb David Bret Robson 1999 Very small creases to top of cover Paperback 7
Callas, Maria Diva, The Life and Death of Steven Linakis Peter Owen 1981 Very good 10
Cantor, Eddie Take My Life Doubleday & co 1957 No D/J, some stains to inside front cover 15
Canutt,Yakima Stunt man Robson Books 1980 Excellent 20
Capra, Frank The Name Above The Title WH Allen 1972 Very good 18
Chan, Jackie My Life In Action Jackie Chan Pann 1999 Paperback 10
Chaplin, Charles Last of the Clowns Parker Tyler Horizon Press 1972 creases to cover Paperback 8
Chaplin, Charles The Beauty of Silence Alan Schroeder Watts 1997  some marks Paperback 6
Chaplin, Charles Remembering Charlie Jerry Epstein Isis 1988 Price stciker mark on front cover Large print 8
Chaplin, Charles Chaplin His Life And Art David Robinson Collins 1985 Excellent signed by author 20
Chaplin, Charles My Autobiography Bodley Head 1964 Very Good, slightly chipped D/J 15
Chaplin, Charles The Tramp's Odyssey Simon Louvish Faber and Faber 2009 Excellent 15
Chevalier, Maurice Thank Heaven For Little Girls Edward Behr Hutchinson 1993 Some marks and sun damage to cover 10
Chevalier, Maurice His Life 1888-1972 James Harding Hutchinson 1982 Very good condition 6
Chevalier, Maurice With Love Cassell 1960 Very good with slightly chipped D/J 15


Chevalier, Maurice The Man in the Straw Hat, My Story by Maurice Chevalier Odhams Press 1949 Very good, D/J spine faded 35
Clarke, TEB This Is Where I Came In Michael Joseph 1974 Good condition 20
Clift, Montgomery Montgomery Clift Patricia Bosworth Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1978 Laminated D/J, slightly marked 20
Clift, Montgomery Montgomery Clift Maurice Leonard Hodder & Stoughton 1997 Excellent 15
Clift, Montgomery Monty Robert La Guardia Arbor House 1977 Excellent 25
Clunes, Alec Alec Clunes J.C.Trewin Rockliff 1958 Very good, slightly worn D/J Theatre World Monographs no12 10
Cody, Iron Eyes Iron Eyes Cody Frederick Muller 1982 Good condition 20
Cohan, George M Twenty Years on Broadway Harper & Bros. 1925 No D/J, slight stains on cover 6
Collins, Joan Second Act Boxtree 1996 Small tear at top of D/J, slightly discoloured 10
Collins, Joan Joan Collins Robert Levine Weidenfeld and Nicholson 1985
Collins, Joan Inside Joan Collins Jay David Carrol & Graff 1988 Small tear on D/J 10
Collins, Joan Past Imperfect WH Allen 1984 Two small holes on D/J 8
Colman, Ronald A Very Private Person Juliet Benita Colman WH Allen 1975 Excellent 15
Connelly, Marc Voices Off Stage Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1968 Small tear on spine 10
Connery, Sean The Films of Sean Connery Robert Sellers Vision Press 1991 Price sticker on back cover 8
Cooper, Gary The Last Hero Larry Swindell Robson 1981 Creased D/J, loose front pages 8
Cooper, Gary Cooper's Women Jane Ellen Wayne Prentice Hall 1988 Good condition USA edition 10
Cooper, Gary Cooper's Women Jane Ellen Wayne Robert Hale 1989 Good condition UK edition 10
Cooper, Gary The Gary Cooper Story George Carpozi Jnr Library edition,  usual markings, torn laminate on D/J 5
Cooper, Gary The Gary Cooper Story George Carpozi Jnr WH Allen Excellent 15
Cooper, Gladys Gladys Cooper Sheridan Morley Heinneman 1979 Very good condition 12
Cooper, Gladys Without Veils Sewell Stokes Peter Davies 1953 Very Good 10
Coppola, Francis On The Edge Michael Goodwin and Naomi Wise William Morrow and Co 1989 Excellent 15
Coppola, Francis Coppola Peter Cowie Andre Deutsch 1989 Excellent 15
Corbett, Ronnie And It's Goodnight From Him Michael Joseph 2006 Excellent 10
Cotton, Joseph Vanity Will Get You Somewhere Columbus books 1987 Excellent in D/J 15
Courtneidge, Cicely Cicely Hutchinson 1953 Creased and chipped D/J, marks on first two pages 15
Coward, Noel Future Indefinite William Heinemann 1954 Very Good A Second Volume of Autobiography -  Rare in this condition. 25
Crawford, Joan Crawford's Men Jane Ellen Wayne Prentice Hall Press 1988 Excellent 10
Crawford, Joan My Way Of Life WH Allen 1972 Excellent 15
Crawford, Joan Mommie Dearest Christina Crawford Granada Publishing 1979 Very good, endpaper missing 10
Crawford, Joan Not The Girl Next Door Charlotte Chandler Simon and Schuster 2008 Excellent 15
Crawford, Michael Parcel Arrived Safely: Tied With String Century 1999 Very good, D/J 10
Crosby, Bing Bing Crosby The Illustrated Biography Michael Freedland Chameleon 1998 Excellent 10
Crosby, Bing The Hollow Man Don Sheperd and Robert F. Slatzer WH Allen 1981 Good, ex-library 5
Cruise, Tom Cruise Control Wensley Clarkson Blake Publishing 2003 Excellent 10
Cruise, Tom Tom Cruise Unauthorised Wensley Clarkson Blake 1994 Excellent 10
Cukor, George On Cukor Gavin Lambert WH Allen 1973 Excellent 12
Cukor, George A Double Life Patrick McGilligan Faber and Faber Excellent 15
Culver, Roland Not Quite A Gentleman William Kimber 1979 Very Good 15
Curtis, Tony Kid From The Bronx Michael Munn WH Allen 1984 Excellent 12
Curtis, Tony The Autobiography Heinemann 1994 Very Good slight water damage to first few pages 10
Dandridge, Dorothy Dorothy Dandridge Donald Bogle Amistad 1997 Excellent 25
Daniels, Bebe & Lyon, Ben Bebe &  Ben Jill Allgood Robert Hale 1975 Very Good Good condition with library markings 5
Davis Jr, Sammy Hollywood In A Suitcase William Morrow and Co 1980 Very Good 15
Davis Jr, Sammy Hollywood In A Suitcase Granada 1980 Excellent 15
Davis Jr, Sammy A Life In Black And White Wil Haygood Aurum Press 2004 Excellent 15
Davis, Bette Bette Davis Roy Moseley Sidgwick and Jackson 1989 Excellent 12
Davis, Bette No Guts, No Glory Whitney Stine Virgin 1990 Excellent 15
De Havilland, Olivia Every Frenchman Has One Random House 1962 Very good no D/J 5


De Havilland, Olivia Every Frenchman Has One Random House 1962 Very good no D/J 5
De Havilland, Olivia Every Frenchman Has One Elek Books 1962 Very good, chipped D/J 12
De Mille, Cecil B Cecil B DeMille Charles Higham Charles Scribner's Sons 1973 Excellent 15
De Mille, Cecil B Autobiograpky WH Allen 1960 Very Good 20
De Niro, Robert Untouchable Andy Dougan Virgin 1996 Excellent 10
De Niro, Robert A Biography John Baxter Harper Collins 2002 Excellent 10
Dean, Basil Mind's Eye An Autobiography 1927 - 1972 Hutchinson 1973 Excellent 15
Dean, James A Short Life Venable Herndon Futura Publications 1974 VG 1st edition, Hardback D/J. Very rare in this form 20
Dean, James Dizzy & Jimmy Liz Sheridan Regan Books 2000 Excellent Rare 12
Dean, James James Dean David Dalton WH Allen 1975 Excellent 1st edition, Hardback D/J. Very rare in this form 20
Dean, James The Death Of James Dean Warren Newton Beath Sidgwick & Jackson 1996 Excellent 10
Dean, James The life And Legacy From A To Z Randall Riese Contemporary Books 1991 Excellent 25
DeMille, Cecil B Cecil B DeMille Charles Higham WH Allen 1974 Good Ex-Library copy 5
Dench, Judy Scenes From My Life Weidenfeld & Nicolson Excellent 10
Denison, Michael Double Act Michael Joseph 1985 Excellent 10
Depardieu, Gerard Depardieu Paul Chutkow Alfred A Knopf 1994 Excellent 15
Depardieu, Gerard Depardieu A Biography Marianne Gray Sinclair Stevenson 1991 Excellent 15
Desi Arnaz A Book William Morrow 1976 Laminated D/J, slight creases 12
Dierich, Marlene Marlene Dietrich Maria Riva Bloomsbury 1992 Very Good 15
Donat, Robert Mr Chips, The Life of Robert Donat Kenneth Barrow Methuen 1985 Excellent 15
Douglas, Angela Swings and Roundabouts Elm Tree Books 1983 Excellent 10
Drake, Fabia Blind Fortune William Kimber 1978 Excellent 12
Dressler, Marie Marie Dressler, The Unlikeliest Star Betty Lee University Press of Kentucky 1997 Excellent 25
Dunaway, Faye Looking For Gatsby Harper Collins 1995 Very Good paperback 5
Eastwood, Clint Clint Eastwood Richard Schickel Alfred A Knopf 1996 Excellent 12
Eastwood, Clint Clint the Life and Legend Patrick McGilligan Harper Collins 1999 Excellent 12
Edwards, Jimmy Six Of The Best Robson Books 1984 Good with library markings 10
Ellington, Duke Duke Derek Jewell Elm Tree Books 1977 Excellent 12
Elliott, Denholm Quest For Love Susan Elliott Headline 1994 Excellent 10
Fairbanks Jr, Douglas Knight Errant Brian Connell Hodder and Stoughton 1955 Very Good 10
Fairbanks, Douglas Knight Errant Brian Connell Hodder & Stoughton 1955 Excellent 15
Fairbanks, Douglas The First Celebrity Richard Schickel Elm Tree Books 1976 Very good with library markings 10
Farmer, Frances Will There Really Be A Morning? Allison and Busby 1974 Excellent 25
Fields, W.C W C Fields And Me Carlotta Monti Michael Joseph 1974 Good with library markings 5
Fields, W.C His Follies And Fortunes Robert Lewis Taylor Doubleday 1949 Very Good no D/J 20
Finch, Peter Finch, Bloody Finch Elaine Dundy Michael Joseph 1980 Very Good 10
Finney, Albert Albert Finney In Character Quentin Falk Robson Books 1992 Excellent Signed by author 15
Fisher, Eddie Eddie My Life , My Loves WH Allen 1982 Excellent 15
Fitzgerald, Ella First Lady Of Song Geoffrey Mark Fidelman Birch Lane Press 1994 Excellent 20
Fletcher, Cyril Nice One Cyril Barrie and Jenkins 1978 Excellent 10
Flynn, Errol The Life and Crimes of Errol Flynn Lionel Godfrey Robert Hale Limited 1977 Library edition, usual markings otherwise very good. 10
Flynn, Errol The Life and Crimes of Errol Flynn Lionel Godfrey Robert Hale 1977 Ex Library copy with minor marking and some soiling. Laminated D/J 10
Fonda, Henry My Life WH Allen 1982 Very good 10
Fonda, Jane Jane Fonda Bill Davidson Sidgwick and Jackson 1990 Excellent 10
Fonda, Jane My Life So Far Random House 2005 Excellent 12
Fonda, Jane Jane Fonda Fred Lawrence Guiles Book Club 1981 Very Good 10
Fontaine, Joan No Bed Of Roses WH Allen 1978 Very Good 10
Formby, George George Formby John fisher Woburn Press Very Good 15
Gable, Clark Long Live The King Lyn Tounabene WH Allen 1977 Excellent 15
Gable, Clark Portrait Of A Misfit Jane Ellen Wayne Robson Books 1993 Excellent 15
Gable, Clark Gable's Women Jane Ellen Wayne Simon and Schuster 1987 Excellent 12


Gable, Clark The King Of Hollywood Charles Samuels WH Allen 1962 Very good no D/J 15
Gable, Clark Long Live The King Lyn Tounabene WH Allen 1977 Very good no D/J 10
Gabor, Eva Orchids And Salami Doubleday 1954 Very Good no D/J 12
Gabor, Zsa Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor Gerold Frank The World Publishing Company 1960 A little soiled, but VG. Minor tape and creasing on D/J 20
Gabor, Zsa Zsa One Lifetime Is Not enough Wendy Leigh Headline 1991 Excellent           15
Gabors, The Such Devoted Sisters Peter H. Brown St Martins Press 1985 D/J slightly worn, but VG The story of Zsa Zsa, Eva and Magda 20
Garbo, Greta Loving Garbo Hugo Vickers Jonathan Cape 1994 Excellent 15
Garbo, Greta Her Story Antoni Gronowicz Simon and Schuster 1990 Very Good 10
Garbo, Greta Her Story Antoni Gronowicz Viking 1990 Excellent 15
Garbo, Greta The Legend Of Garbo Peter Haining WH Allen 1990 Excellent 15
Garbo, Greta Garbo On Garbo Sven Broman Bloomsbury 1991 Excellent, large inscription on endpaper 12
Garbo, Greta Garbo A Biography Barry Paris Sidgwick and Jackson 1995 Excellent 15
Gardner, Ava Ava, My Story Bantam Press 1990 Excellent with D/J 15
Gardner, Ava Ava Gardner John Danielle WH Allen 1982 Excellent 20
Gardner, Ava Ava My Story Bantam Press 1990 Excellent 15
Gardner, Ava Ava Charles Higham WH Allen 1975 Very good 15
Garland, Judy Weep No More, My Lady Mickey Deans & Ann Pinchot WH Allen 1972 Some wear on D/J 20
Garland, Judy Weep no More My Lady Mickey Deans & Ann Pinchot WH Allen 1972 D/J a little worn and chipped. VG 20
Garland, Judy Little Girl Lost Al Diorio Jr Arlington House 1974 Excellent 25
Gielgud, John Early Stages Theatre Book Club 1953 Good, no D/J 5
Gielgud, John Early Stages Macmillan 1939 VG no D/J 10
Gielgud, John Early Stages Macmillan 1939 Very good, D/J chipped 20
Gielgud, John An Actors Life Gyles Brandreth Sutton Publishing 1984 Excellent 10
Gielgud, John Stage Directions- Heinemann 1963 Very good, D/J creased and chipped 10
Gingold, Hermione How to Grow Old Disgracefully Victor Gollancz 1989 Excellent 15
Goldberg, Whoopi Book Little Brown & Co 1998 Excellent 10
Goldwyn, Sam Goldwyn, The Man Behind The Myth Arthur Marx Bodley Head 1976 Excellent 15
Goodyear, Julie Queen Of The Street Sally Beck Blake 1995 Excellent 10
Grable, Betty The Reluctant Movie Queen Doug Warren Robson Books 1982 Excellent 15
Grable, Betty The Reluctant Movie Queen Doug Warren Robson Books 1982 Excellent 15
Grant, Cary The Light Touch Lionel Godfrey Robert Hale 1981 Excellent 12
Grant, Cary Cary Grant Chuck Ashman and Pamela Trescott WH Allen 1987 Excellent 12
Grant, Cary The Private Cary Grant William Currie McIntosh and William Weaver Sidgwick and Jackson Very good, title page missing 10
Grant, Cary The Lonely Heart Charles Higham and Roy Mosley New English Library 1989 Excellent 12
Grenfell, Joyce Joyce Grenfell Requests The Pleasure Macmillan 1976 Very good, small piece missing from back of D/J 10
Grenfell, Joyce In Pleasant Places Macmillan 1979 Very Good 10
Guiness, Alec Blessings In Disguise Hamish Hamilton 1985 Excellent 12
Guiness, Alec My Name Escapes Me Hamish Hamilton 1996 Excellent 12
Hackman, Gene Gene Hackman Allan Hunter WH Allen 1987 Excellent 10
Hamilton, George Don't Mind If I Do JR Books 2009 Excellent 15
Handley, Tommy Tommy Handley Ted Kavanagh Hodder & Stoughton 1950 VG slightly chipped D/J Reprint one month after publication. Rare in D/J 20
Hardwicke, Sir Cedric A Victorian in Orbit Methuen 1961 VG slightly chipped and worn D/J 20
Harris, Richard A Sporting Life Michael Feeney Callan Sidgwick and Jackson 1990 Excellent 15
Harrison, Rex A Damned Serious Business Bantam Press 1990 Excellent 20
Harrison, Rex The Incomparable Rex Patrick Garland Macmillan 1998 Excellent 15
Harrison, Rex The First Biography Roy Moseley With Philip and Martin Masheter New English Library 1987 Excellent 12
Harrison, Rex Fatal Charm Alexander Walker Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1992 Excellent 15
Harvey, Laurence The Prince Des Hickey and Gus Smith Leslie Frewin 1975 Excellent no D/J 15
Havoc, June Early Havoc Hutchinson 1960 Very  Good with heavily chipped D/J Boldly signed on title page 30
Hawn, Goldie Absolutely Goldie Christopher Wilson Harper Collins 1999 Excellent 10


Hawn, Goldie Goldie Peter Haining WH Allen 1985 Very Good 10
Hayes, Helen My Life in Three Acts Peter Owen 1991 Excellent 10
Hayes, Helen On Reflection M Evans and Co 1968 Very Good 15
Hayes, Helen & Loos, Anita Twice Over Nightly Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich 1972 Good no D/J 10
Hayley-Bell, Mary What Shall We Do Tomorrow? Cassell 1968 Very good 2nd impression 15
Hayward, Susan Red, The Tempetuous Life Of Susan Hayward Robert La Guardia & Gene Arceri Robson Books 1986 Good library copy 10
Hayward, Susan A Star Is A Star Is A Star Christopher P Andersen Robson Books 1981 Excellent 15
Hayworth, Rita Rita Edward Z Epstein & Joseph Morella Book Club Associates 1983 Excellent 15
Henreid, Paul Ladies Man St Martin's Press 1984 Very Good 15
Henrey, Robert A Film Star In Belgrave Sqare Peter Davies 1948 VG no D/J The story of the making of Carol Reed's "The Fallen Idol" told by the child star of the film. 10
Hepburn, Audrey Audrey Hepburn Barry Paris Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1987 Excellent 15
Hepburn, Audrey Audrey, Her Real Story Alexander Walker Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1994 Excellent Signed by author 20
Hepburn, Audrey Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit Sean Hepburn Ferrer Atria Books 2003 Excellent Large paperback 15
Hepburn, Audrey Audrey Hepburn A Life in Pictures Anova 2008 Excellent Photographic 2nd edition 15
Hepburn, Katherine Me, Stories Of My Life Viking 1991 Excellent 15
Hepburn, Katherine Kate Charles Higham WH Allen 1985 Excellent 12
Hepburn, Katherine Kate, The Woman Who Was Katherine Hepburn William J Mann Faber and Faber 2006 Excellent 15
Heston, Charlton The Actor's Life Journals 1956 - 1976 E P Dutton 1978 Very Good 10
Hicks, Seymour Between Ourselves Cassell 1930 Very Good no D/J 10
Hicks, Seymour Vintage Years Cassell 1943 Very good no D/J 2nd edition 10
Hill, Benny Saucy Boy Leonard Hill Grafton Books 1990 Excellent 10
Hill, Benny Funny Peculiar Mark Lewisohn Sidgwick and Jackson Very Good 10
Hird, Thora Not In The Diary Hodder and Stoughton 2000 Excellent 10
Hird, Thora Scene And Hird WH Allen 1976 Excellent 12
Hird, Thora My Autobiography Volume Two 1975 - 1995 Harper Collins 1996 Excellent 10
Hitchcock, Alfred The Last Days Of Alfred Hitchcock David Freeman Pavilion 1984 Very good with library markings 10
Hitchcock, Alfred The Life Of Alfred Hitchcock, The Dark Side of Genius Donald Spoto Collins Very good, lacks title page 12
Hitchcock, Alfred Hitch, The life and Works of Alfred Hitchcock John Russell Taylor Faber and Faber 1978 Excellent 12
Hitchcock, Alfred Mr Hitchcock Quentin Falk Haus Publishing 2007 Excellent signed by author 15
Hoffman, Dustin Hoffman Vs Hoffman Patrick Agan Robert Hale 1986 Excellent 10
Holden, William Golden Boy Bob Thomas Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1983 Very good 20
Holiday, Billie Wishing On The Moon Donald Clarke Viking 1994 Excellent 25
Holliday, Judy Judy Holliday, An Intimate Life Story Gary Carey Robson Books 1983 Excellent 25
Holm, Ian Acting My Life Bantam Press 2004 Excellent Signed 20
Hope, Bob This Is On Me Frederick Muller Very Good, a little marking on title pages 10
Hope, Bob The Last Christmas Show Robert Hale & Co 1974 Very good, with small tear to D/J 15
Hope, Bob Have Tux, Will Travel Simon & Schuster 1954 Very Good 20
Hope, Bob Bob Hope, A Life In Comedy William Robert Faith Da Capo Press 2003 Very Good large paperback 10
Hope, Bob Bob Hope, An Illustrated Biography Michael Freedland Chameleon Books 1998 Excellent 10
Hope, Bob I Owe Russia $1200 Doublday 1963 Very Good 20
Hope, Bob Don't Shoot, It's Only Me Macmillan 1990 Excellent 10
Hopkins, Anthony Anthony Hopkins, The Biography Quentin Falk Virgin 2004 Excellent 10
Hopper, Hedda From Under My Hat Frederick Muller 1953 Very good condition, slightly chipped D/J Rare 25
Horne, Lena Lena Richard Schickel Andre Deutsch 1966 Very good, D/J a little worn 15
Houseman, John Run-Through Allen Lane 1972 Excellent 15
Howard, Leslie A Quite Remarkable Father Leslie Ruth Howard Longman's 1960 VG no D/J 2nd impression 10
Howard, Leslie In Search Of My Father Ronald Howard William Kimber 1981` Excellent 15
Howard, Trevor Trevor Howard A Personal Biography Terence Pettigrew Peter Owen 2001 Excellent 15
Howard, Trevor A Gentlman And A Player Vivienne Knight Muller, Blond and White 1986 Excellent 15
Howerd, Frankie Frankie Howerd, Stand Up Comic Graham McCann Fouth Estate 2004 Excellent 15


Hudson, Rock My Husband Phyllis Gates and Bob Thomas Angus and Robertson 1987 Excellent 15
Hudson, Rock The Trial Of Rock Hudson John Parker Sidgwick & Jackson 1990 Excellent 15
Hudson, Rock His Story Rock hudson and Sara Davidson Book Club Associates 1986 Excellent 10
Huston, John An Open Book Macmillan 1981 Excellent 15
Huston, John An Open Book Macmillan 1981 Excellent Signed copy 75
Huston, John John Huston, A Biography Axel Madsen Robson Books 1979 Excellent 15
Ives, Burl Wayfaring Stranger T V Boardman & Co 1952 Very Good condition with chipped D/J and large piece missing from back cover. Very Rare 20
James, Sid Sid James Cliff Goodwin Century 1995 Excellent 15
Johnson, Celia Celia Johnson Kate Fleming Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1991 Excellent 15
Johnson, Nunnally The Letters Of Nunnally Johnson Alfred Knopf 1981 Very good, small tear to D/J 15
Jolson, Al Jolson Michael Freedland Stein & Day 1972 Very Good, slightly chipped D/J Signed by author 20
Kavanagh, Ted Colonel Chinstrap Ted Kavanagh Evans brothers 1952 VG 15
Kaye, Danny The Danny Kaye Saga Kurt Singer Robert Hale 1957 Very good, large piece missing from rear of D/J 20
Kazan, Elia Elia Kazan, A Life Andre Deutsch 1988 Excellent 15
Keaton, Buster Keaton Rudi Blesh Secker and Warburg 1967 Very good 20
Keaton, Buster My Wonderful World Of Slapstick Da Capo 1987 Very Good paperback 10
Kelly, Gene Gene Kelly Clive Hirshhorn WH Allen1974 Very Good 15
Kelly, Grace High Society Donald Spoto Hutchinson 2009 Mint 10
Kelly, Grace High Society Donald Spoto Hutchinson 2009 Excellent 10
Kelly, Grace Grace, The Secret Lives Of A Princess James Spada Guild Publishing 1987 Excellent 15
Kelly, Grace Grace Robert Lacey Sidgwick and Jackson 1994 Excellent 15
Kelly, Grace Grace Kelly, A Life In Pictures Pavilion Books 2007 Excellent photographic 12
Korda, Alexander Charmed Lives, A Family Romance Michael Korda Random House 1979 Excellent 15
Korda, Alexander The Man Who Could Work Miracles Karol Kulik WH Allen 1975 Excellent 15
Kubrick, Stanley Kubrick Michael Herr Picador 2000 Excellent 10
Kubrick, Stanley Stanley Kubrick, A Biography John Baxter Harper collins 1997 Excellent 15
Kubrick, Stanley Stanley Kubrick Directs Alexander Walker Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1971 Very good 20
Ladd, Alan The Life, The Legend, The Legacy Beverly Linet Robson Books 1990 Very good 20
Laemmle, Carl The Life And Adventures Of Carl Laemmle John Drinkwater Heinemann 1931 Very good no D/J Rare 25
Lamour, Dorothy My Side Of The Road Robson Books 1981 Very good 15
Lancaster, Burt Against Type Gary Fishgall Scribner 1995 Excellent 15
Lanchester, Elsa Elsa Lanchester Herself Michael Joseph 1983 Excellent, slightly faded D/J 20
Lanchester, Elsa Herself Michael Joseph 1983 Very good, No D/J 10
Landis, Jessie Royce You Won't Be So Pretty, But You'll Know More WH Allen 1954 Very good condition, D/J  chipped and soiled Very Rare 30
Lanza, Mario Lanza, His Tragic Life Raymond Strait & Terry Robinson Prentice-Hall 1980 Very Good 20
Lasky, Jesse L Whatever Happened To Hollywood WH Allen 1973 Very good 10
Laughton, Charles The Charles Laughton Story Kurt Singer Robert Hale 1955 Good no D/J reprint 10
Laughton, Charles An Intimate Biography Charles Higham Doubleday 1976 Excellent 15
Laughton, Charles A Difficult Actor Simon Callow Methuen Very good, lacks title page 10
Laurel&Hardy Mr Laurel & Mr Hardy John McCabe Robson Books 1976 Excellent 15
Laurel, Stan The Comedy World of Stan Laurel John McCabe Robson Books 1975 Excellent 15
Lawford, Peter The Man Who Kept The Secrets James Spada Bantam Press 1991 Excellent 20
Lawford, Peter Hollywood, The Kennedys, The Rat Pack and the Whole Damn Thing Patricia Seaton Lawford Sidgwick and Jackson 1998 Excellent 15
Lawrence, Gertrude Gertrude Lawrence Sheridan Morley McGraw-Hill 1981 Excellent 12
Lawrence, Gertrude Gertrude Lawrence As Mrs "A" Richard Stoddard Aldrich Odhams Press 1955 Good no D/J 5
Laye, Evelyn BOO To My Friends Hurst and Blackett 1959 Very good 12
Lean, David Beyond The Epic Gene D Phillips The University Press Of Kentucky 2006 Excellent 20
Lee, Christopher Tall, Dark and Gruesome Victor Gollancz 1997 Excellent 15
Lemmon, Jack Lemmon Don Widener Macmillan 1975 Very Good 20
Lenya, Lotte Lenya A Life Donald Spoto Viking 1989 Excellent 20


Lester, Richard The Films Of Richard Lester Neil Sinyard Croom Helm 1985 Excellent 15
Lester, Richard The Man Who "Framed " The Beatles Andrew Yule Donald I Fine 1994 Excellent 20
Levant, Oscar The Memoirs of An Amnesiac G P Putnam's Sons 1965 Very good 20
Lewis, Jerry In Person Robson Books 1983 Very good 15
Liberace An Autobiography WH Allen 1973 Very good 15
Lillie, Beatrice The Funniest Woman In The World Bruce Laffey Robson Books 1990 Excellent 15
Lillie, Beatrice Every Other Inch A Lady WH Allen 1973 Very good with torn D/J 12
Lister, Moira The Very Merry Moira Hodder and Stoughton 1969 Excellent 10
Lockwood, Margaret Lucky Star Odhams Press 1955 VG no D/J 10
Logan, Joshua Josh, My Up And Down, In And Out Life WH Allen 1977 Very good some library markings 10
Loos, Anita Kiss Hollywood Goodbye WH Allen 1974 VG 20
Loos, Anita A Girl Like I The Viking Press 1966 Good no D/J 12
Loos, Anita Anita Loos Gary Carey Bloomsbury 1988 Very good 15
Loren, Sophia Sophia, Living And Loving Michael Joseph 1979 Excellent 10
Lowe, Arthur A Life Stephen Lowe Nick hern Books 1996 Excellent 15
Luft, Lorna Me And My Shadows Sidgwick and Jackson 1998 Excellent 15
Lumley, Joanna Joanna Lumley Tim Ewbank & Stafford Hildred Andre Deutsch 1999 Excellent 10
MacArthur, Charles Charlie Ben Hecht Harper and Brothers 1957 Good with worn D/J 15
MacLaine, Shirley You Can There  From Here W W Norton & Co 1975 Very Good condition, two small tears on D/J 10
MacLaine, Shirley Don't Fall Off The Mountain The Bodley Head 1972 Very Good 3rd impression 12
MacLaine, Shirley Dancing In The Light Bantam Press 1986 Excellent 12
Macnee, Patrick Blind In One ear Harrap 1988 Very good with some library markings 15
Mankiewicz, Joseph L Pictures Will Talk Kenneth L Geist Charles Scribner's Sons 1978 Very Good 15
Mansfield, Jayne Pink Goddess Michael Feeney Callan WH Allen 1986 Excellent 25
Mansfield, Jayne Jayne Mansfield, A Biography May Mann Abelard-Schuman 1973 very good 20
Marsh, Gary Sand In My Spinach Arthur Barker 1958 Very good, D/J chipped and soiled but now protected Rare 20
Martin, Dean Dino, The Dean Martin Story Michael Freedland WH Allen 1984 Excellent 12
Martin, Dean & Lewis, Jerry Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime (Especially Himself) Arthur Marx WH Allen 1975 Excellent 15
Marvin, Lee Lee A romance Pamela Marvin Faber and Faber 1997 Excellent 15
Marx, Brothers The Marx Brothers Kyle Crichton William Heinemann 1951 Good, no D/J 10
Marx, Brothers Groucho, Harpo, Chico And Sometimes Zeppo Joe Adamson WH Allen 1973 Very good 15
Marx, Groucho The Groucho Letters Michael Joseph 1967 Very Good 20
Marx, Groucho Groucho Arthur Marx Victor Gollancz 1954 Very good, a little soiling 20
Marx, Harpo Harpo Speaks! Robson Books 1961 Ex libray copy with markings and stains, D/J complete and laminated to boards 10
Mary Astor A Life on Film WH Allen 1973 D/J chipped, list of photos written in pencil on first page 12
Mason, James Odd Man Out Sheridan Morley Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1989 Excellent 15
Mason, James Before I forget Hamish Hamilton 1981 Excellent 12
Massey, Raymond When I Was Young Robson Books 1977 Very good 15
Massey, Raymond A Hundred Different Lives Robson Books 1979 Excellent 20
Mastroianni, Marcello His Life And Art Donald Dewey A Birch Lane Press Book 1993 Excellent 20
Mathews, A.E. Matty Hutchinson 1952 Very good condition, with slightly chipped D/J Very rare 30
Mathews, Jessie Over My Shoulder WH Allen 1974 Very good, D/J a little worn 12
Matthau, Walter Walter Matthau Allan Hunter WH Allen 1984 Very Good condition with library markings 10
Mayer, Louis B Hollywood Rajah Bosley Crowther Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1960 Very good 2nd printing 20
Mayer, Louis B Merchant of Dreams Charles Higham Sidgwick and Jackson 1993 Excellent 15
Mecouri, Melina I Was Born Greek Hodder & Stoughton 1971 VG ex-library mark on D/J 15
Merman, Ethel I Got Rythm Bob Thomas G P Putnam's Sons 1985 Excellent 15
Meyer, Russ Big Bosums And Sqare Jaws Jimmy McDonough Jonathan Cape 2005 Excellent 15
Miles, Sarah Bolt From The Blue Volume Three of Her Memoirs Orion 1996 Excellent 15
Miles, Sarah A Right Royal Bastard Macmillan 1993 Excellent 15


Miles, Sarah Serves Me Right Macmillan 1994 Excellent 15
Milland, Ray Wide-Eyed In Babylon William Morrow 1974 Very good 10
Milland, Ray Wide-Eyed In Babylon Bodley Head 1974 Excellent 12
Mills, John Up In The Clouds Gentlmen Please Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1980 Excellent 12
Mills, John John Mills Robert Tanitch Collins and Brown 1993 Excellent 15
Minnelli, Liza Born a Star Wendy Leigh New English Library 1993 Excellent 15
Mistinguett Mistinguett, Queen Of The Paris Night Elek Books 1954 Very good no D/J 15
Mitchum, Robert Baby, I Don't Care Lee Server Faber and Faber 2001 Very good, some staining 10
Monkhouse, Bob Over The Limit, My Secret Diaries 1993-8 Century 1998 Excellent 12
Monroe, Marilyn Marilyn, The Last Take Peter Harry Brown and Patte B Barham Dutton 1992 Excellent 20
Monroe, Marilyn Marilyn, The Last Take Peter Brown and Patte Barham Book Club Associates 1992 Excellent 10
Monroe, Marilyn The Marilyn Scandal Sandra Shevey Sidgwick and Jackson 1987 Very good 12
Monroe, Marilyn Norma Jean Fred Lawrence Guiles WH Allen 1969 Very good no D/J 10
Monroe, Marilyn Godess, The Secret Lives Of Marilyn Monroe Anthony Summers Victor Gollancz 1985 Excellent 15
Montand, Yves You See, I Haven't Forgotten Chatto and Windus 1992 Excellent 15
Moore, Roger My Word Is My Bond Michael O'Mara Books 2008 Excellent 10
More, Kenneth Happy Go Lucky Robert Hale 1959 Very good, D/J chipped and worn 20
More, Kenneth More Or Less Hodder and Stoughton 1978 Excellent 10
Morecombe & Wise There's No Answer To That Arthur Barker Ltd 1981 Excellent 15
Morecombe & Wise Eric & Ernie WH Allen 1973 Excellent 12
Morley, Sheridan Robert My Father Sheridan Morley Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1993 Excellent 12
Morley,Robert Larger Than Life Margaret Morley Robson Books 1979 Very good 10
Murray, Chic Just Daft Robbie Grigor Birlinn Ltd 2008 Excellent 10
Neagle, Anna There's Always Tomorrow WH Allen 1974 Very good 15
Neal, Patricia As I Am Century 1988 Very Good 12
Newman, Paul A Life Shawn Levy Aurum Press 2009 Excellent 15
Newman, Paul & Woodward, Joanne Paul And Joanne Joe Morella and Edward Z Epstein WH Allen 1989 Excellent 12
Nicholson, Jack Jack Nicholson David Downing WH Allen 1983 Excellent 12
Niven, David The Other Side Of The moon Sheridan Morley Book Club Associates 1986 Excellent 5
Niven, David The Other Side Of The Moon Sheridan Morley Harper and Row 1985 Excellent 15
Niven, David The Man Behind The Balloon Michael Munn J R Books 2009 Excellent 15
Niven, David Niv Graham Lord Orion Books 2003 Excellent 15
Novello, Ivor Perchance To Dream Richard Rose Leslie Frewin 1974 Very good 15
Nureyev, Rudolf Aspects Of The Dancer John Percival` Book Club Associates 1976 Excellent 12
Oberon, Merle Merle Charles Higham & Roy Moseley New English Library Excellent 10
O'Hara, Maureen Tis Herslf, A Memoir Simon and Schuster 2004 Excellent 15
Oliver, Vic Mr Show-Business George G Harrap & Co 1954 Some spotting, no D/J Signed in ink on title page 1958 20
Olivier, Laurence The Real Life of Laurence Olivier Roger Lewis Century 1996 Excellent 12
Olivier, Laurence On Acting Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1986 Excellent 12
Olivier, Laurence Confessions Of An Actor Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1982 Very Good, long inscription on title page 10
Olivier, Laurence Olivier Anthony Holden Max Press 2007 Excellent 15
Olivier, Laurence & Leigh, Vivien The Oliviers Felix Barker Hamish Hamilton 1953 Very good no D/J 15
Osbourne, Ozzy & Sharon Ordinary People with Todd Gold Simon and Shuster 2003 Excellent 6
Palmer, Lilli Change Lobsters And Dance WH Allen 1975 Excellent 15
Parrish, Robert Growing Up In Hollywood Bodley Head 1976 Very good 12
Parsons, Louella O The Gay Illiterate Doubleday, Doran & Co 1944 Very good, slightly chipped D/J 25
Pasolini, Pier, Paolo Letters Volume I 1940-1954 Quartet Books 1992 Excellent 20
Pasternack, Joe Easy The Hard Way WH Allen 1956 Good no D/J 5
Pech, Gregory A Charmed Life Lynn Haney Robson Books 2003 Excellent 15
Perkins, Anthony A Haunted Life Ronald Bergan Little, Brown &Co 1995 Excellent 20


Phillips, Leslie Leslie Phillips The Autobiography Orion Books 2006 Excellent 12
Pickford, Mary Sunshine And Shadow William Heinemann 1956 Very good 25
Pickford, Mary Sweetheart Robert Windeler WH Allen 1973 Excellent 12
Pickles, Wilfred Sometime Never Werner Laurie 1951 Very good, with slightly chipped D/J 15
Pickles, Wilfred Sometime Never Werner Laurie 1951 Very good, slightly chipped D/J 15
Pitt, Ingrid Life's A Scream William Heinemann 1999 Excellent 15
Poitier, Sidney The Measure of a Man Harper san Francisco 2000 Excellent 15
Poitier, Sidney This Life Hodder and Stoughton 1980 Very good, torn D/J 15
Preminger, Otto Behind The Scenes Of Otto Preminger Willi Frischauer Michael Joseph 1973 Excellent 20
Previn, Dory Midnight Baby Macmillan 1976 Very good 15
Pryor, Richard Pryor Convictions and Other Life Sentances Heinemann 1995 Excellent 10
Puttnam, David Out Of Focus, Power, Pride and Prejudice: David Puttnam In hollywood Charles Kipps Century 1989 Excellent 10
Quayle, Anthony A Time To Speak Barrie & Jenkins 1990 Excellent 10
Quayle, Anthony A Time To Speak Barrie & Jenkins 1990 Excellent 12
Quinn, Anthony The Original Sin Good only, ex-library 5
Quinn, Anthony One Man Tango Harper Collins 1995 Excellent 15
Raft, George Gearge Raft Lewis Yablonsky WH Allen 1975 Very good 12
Ramsay, Margaret Peggy Colin Chambers Nick hearn Books 1997 Excellent Joe Orton's agent 10
Ray, Ted My Turn Next Museum Press Ltd 1963 Very good, slightly chipped D/J 15
Reagan, Ronald Early Reagan The Rise Of An American Hero Anne Edwards Hodder and Stoughton 1987 Excellent 15
Reagan, Ronald My Early Life or Where's The Rest Of Me Sidgwick and Jackson 1981 Excellent 15
Reagan, Ronald Dutch Edmund Morris Harper Collins 1999 Excellent 20
Redgrave, Michael In My Mind's Eye Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1983 Excellent 15
Redgrave, Michael Michael Redgrave - Actor Richard Findlater William Heinemann 1956 Excellent 25
Redgrave, Michael Mask Or Face Heinemann 1958 Very good, no D/J 10
Redgrave, Vanessa Vanessa Redgrave Hutchinson 1991 Very good 10
Reed, Oliver Reed All About Me WH Allen 1979 Very Good 15
Reed, Oliver Evil Spirits Cliff Goodwin Virgin 2000 Excellent 10
Reeve, Christopher Superhero Chris Nickson Robert Hale 1999 Excellent 15
Reid, Beryl So Much Love Hutchinson 1984 Excellent 15
Richard,Cliff New Singer, New Song David Winter Hodder & Stoughton 1967 Very Good condition, slight damage to top of D/J 2nd impression, rare 20
Richardson, Ralph An Actors Life Gary O'Connor Hodder & Stoughton 1982 Very Good 12
Richardson, Sir Ralph A Life in The Theatre Valerie Clough Churchman Publishing 1989 Excellent 15
Richardson, Tony Long Distance Runner Faber and Faber 1993 Excellent 20
Roberts, Julia Julia Roberts Confidential Paul Donnelley Virgin 2003 Excellent 10
Roberts, Rachel No Bells On Sunday Pavilion Books 1984 Excellent with price clipped D/J Journals, with a documentary biography by Alexander Walker 20
Robeson, Paul Here I Stand Dobson 1958 Laminated D/J, very good 25
Robeson, Paul Here I Stand Denis Dobson 1958 A little soiling ans spotting on rear of D/J, otherwise VG Rare 1st edition, 2nd impression 25
Robson, Dame Flora Flora Kenneth Barrow Heinemann 1981 Excellent 15
Rodgers, Richard & Hammerstein, Oscar The Sound Of Their Music Frederick Nolan J M Dent & Sons 1978 Very good 15
Rogers, Paul Paul Rogers Audrey Williamson Rockliff 1956 Very Good Theatre World Monographs no5 20
Rogers, Will Will Rogers Betty Rogers Garden City 1943 Very good, no D/J 20
Rooney, Mickey The Nine Lives Of Mickey Rooney Arthur Marx Robson Books 1986 Excellent 12
Roth, Lillian I'll Cry Tomorrow Arthur Barker 1955 Very good no D/J 15
Routh, Jonathan An exhibition of Myself Barrie and Rockliff 1962 VG 15
Rozsa, Miklos Double Life Midas Books 1982 Excellent 15
Rusell, Ken A British Picture Heineman 1989 Excellent 2nd impression 10
Russell, Jane Jane Russell An autobiography Sidgwick and Jackson 1985 Excellent 15
Russell, Ken An Appalling Talent John Baxter Michael Joseph 1973 Very good 15
Russell, Rosalind Life is a Banquet WH Allen 1978 Excellent 15


Russell, Rosalind Life Is A Banquet WH Allen 1978 Excellent 15
Sakall, S.Z. The Story of Cuddles Cassell & Co 1954 Good clean condition, no D/J Very Rare 25
Sellers, Peter The Mask Behind The Mask Peter Evans Leslie Frewin 1969 Very good 2nd impression 15
Sellers, Peter P.S. I love You Michael Sellers Book Club Associates 1981 Excellent 10
Sellers, Peter The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers Roger Lewis Century 1994 Excellent 15
Sellers, Peter Peter Sellers Alexander Walker Weidenfeld And Nicolson 1981 Excellent 15
Selznick, David O Selznick Bob Thomas Doubleday 1970 Excellent 20
Selznick, David O Memo From David O Selznick Rudy Behlmer Viking 1972 Very good, a little worn 20
Selznick, David O Showman David Thomson Andre Deutsch 1993 Excellent 15
Sharif, Omar The Eternal Male Doubleday 1976 Very Good 15
Shearer, Norma Norma Shearer Gavin Lambert Hodder and Stoughton 1990 Excellent 15
Siegel, Don A Siegel Film Faber and Faber 1993 Very good library copy, endpaper missing 10
Sim, Alastaire Alastaire Sim Mark Simpson The History Press 2008 Excellent 12
Sims, Joan High Spirits Partridge 2000 Excellent 10
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Earl Wilson WH Allen 1976 Excellent 15
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra, A Biography Arnold Shaw WH Allen 1968 Excellent 15
Spiegel, Sam Sam Spiegel, The Biography Of A Hollywood Legend Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni Little Brown 2003 Excellent 15
Spiegel, Sam The Man Behind The Pictures Andrew Sinclair Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1987 Very good 10
Stamp, Terence Stamp Album Bloomsbury 1987 Excellent 15
Stanwyck, Barbara The Life And Loves Of Barbara Stanwyck Jane Ellen Wayne J R Books 2009 Excellent 15
Stark, Graham Stark naked Sanctuary 2003 Excellent 15
Sternberg, Joseph Von Fun In A Chinese Laundry Secker and Warburg 1966 Good condition with some wear, in a chipped, laminated D/J Rare 1st edition 35
Stewart, Donald Ogden By A Stroke Of Luck Paddington Press 1975 Very good 15
Stewart, James Everybody's Man Jhan Robbins Robson Books 1985 Excellent 15
Stewart, James Jimmy Stewart, The Truth Behind The Legend Michael Munn Robson Books 2005 Excellent 15
Stewart, James James Stewart Allen Eyles WH Allen 1984 Excellent 15
Stone, Oliver Stone, The Controversies, Excesses, And Exploits Of A Radical filmmaker James Riordan Hyperion 1995 Excellent 20
Streisand, Barbra Barbra Donald Zec and Anthony Fowles  New English Library 1981 Excellent 15
Swanson, Gloria Gloria and Joe Axel Madsen Arbor House 1988 Excellent 15
Swanson, Gloria Swanson On Swanson Michael Joseph 1981 Very Good 12
Taylor, Elizabeth Richard & Elizabeth Lester David & Jhan Robbins Arthur Baker 1977 Good condition, library edition, usual markings 5
Taylor, Elizabeth The Last Star Kitty Kelly Michael Joseph 1981 Excellent 12
Taylor, Elizabeth Elizabeth Taylor Donald Spoto Little, Brown & Co 1995 Excellent 12
Taylor, Elizabeth How To Be A Movie Star William J Mann Faber and Faber 2009 Excellent 15
Taylor, Elizabeth Liz C. David Heymann Heinemann 1995 Excellent 15
Taylor, Elizabeth Elizabeth, The Life And Career Of Elizabeth Taylor Dick Sheppard WH Allen 1975 Excellent 12
Taylor, Elizabeth Who's Afraid Of Elizabeth Taylor? Brenda Maddox Granada Publishing 1977 Excellent 15
Taylor, Elizabeth A Passion For Life Donald Spoto Harper Collins 1995 Excellent 12
Terry-Thomas Tells Tales Robson Books 1990 Excellent large paperback 12
Terry-Thomas Tells Tales Robson Books 1990 Excellent 25
Thalberg, Irving Thalberg Bob Thomas Doubleday 1969 Very good condition in a discoloured D/J 15
Thalberg, Irving Life and Legend BobThomas Doublday & Co 1969 VG 15
Thorndike, Sybil A Life In The Theatre Sheridan Morley Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1977 Excellent 10
Thorndike, Sybil Sybil Thorndike J.C.Trewin Rockliff 1955 Very good, chipped D/J Theatre World monograph No 4 10
Thorndike, Sybil & Casson, Lewis Lewis & Sybil John Casson Collins 1972 Excellent spine faded 10
Todd, Ann The Eighth Veil William Kimber 1980 Very good 15
Torme, Mel It Wasn't All Velvet Robson Books Excellent 10
Tracy, Spebcer Spencer Tracy Larry Swindell WH Allen 1970 VG Some wear to D/J 12
Tracy, Spencer Spencer Tracy, Tragic Idol Bill Davidson Sidgwick and Jackson 1987 Excellent 12
Tree, Beerbohm Beerbohm Tree Hesketh Pearson Methuen 1956 VG no D/J 8


Tree, Herbert Beerbohm The Great Lover Madeleine Bingham Hamish Hamilton 1978 Very good 10
Tucker, Sophie Some of These Days Hammond Hammond & co 1957 VG slight chipping to D/J 1957 reprint 15
Tucker, Sophie Some of These Days Garden City Publishing 1946 Good only, worn, No D/J Boldly signed in ink 1947 25
Turner, Lana Detour, A Hollywood Tragedy - My Life With Lana Turner, My Mother Cheryl Crane Michael Joseph 1988 Excellent 15
Turner, Lana Lans, The Lady, The Legend, The Truth New English Library 1982 Excellent 15
Turner, Lana Lana, The Life And Loves Of Lana Turner Jane Ellen Wayne Robson Books 1995 Excellent 15
Tynan, Kenneth Diaries Bloomsbury 2001 Excellent 12
Ullman, Liv Changing Weidenfeld and Nicolson Excellent 20
Ustinov, Peter Dear Me Heineman 1977 Excellent 12
Valentino, Rudolph Valentino Irving Shulman Leslie Frewin 1968 Good with minor library markings 10
Valentino, Rudolph The Magic Of Rudolph Valentino Norman A. Mackenzie The Research Publishing Co 1974 Very Good 20
Vallee, Rudy Let The Chips Fall Stackpole Books 1975 Very Good 20
Wagner, Robert Heart To Heart With Robert Wagner Diana MaychickAND l. Avon Borgo Robson Books 1986 Excellent 12
Warner, Jack Kjack Of All Trades WH Allen 1975 Excellent 12
Waters, Ethel His Eye Is On The Sparrow Doubleday 1951 Very good with slightly creased and chipped D/J Very Rare 30
Waters, Ethel His Eye Is On The Sparrow WH Allen 1951 Good only, no D/J 10
Wayne, John John Wayne American Randy Roberts and James S. Olson The Free Press 1995 Excellent 15
Welch, Raquel Sex Symbol To Superstar Peter Haining WH Allen 1984 Excellent 15
Welles, Orson Rosebud David Thomson Little, Brown and Co 1996 Excellent 15
Welles, Orson Citizen Welles Frank Brady Hodder and Stoughton 1990 Excellent 15
West, Mae Goodness Had Nothing To Do With It. WH Allen 1960 Very good condition, no D/J 15
West, Mae Empress Of Sex Maurice Leonard Harper Collins 1991 Excellent 15
West, Mae She Always Knew How Charlotte Chandler Simon and Schuster 2009 Excellent 15
Westmore, Frank The Westmore`s Of Hollywood Frank Westmore and Muriel Davidson J B Lippincott Company 1976 Very good 25
Whitelaw, Billie Billie Whitelaw, Who He? Hodder and Stoughton 1995 Excellent 15
Wilcox, Herbert Twenty Five Thousand Sunsets Bodley Head 1967 VG some creasing to D/J 10
Wilder, Billy Nobody's Perfect Charlotte Chandler Simon and Schuster 2002 Excellent 15
Wilder, Billy The Bright Side of Billy Wilder, Primarily Tom Wood Doubleday 1970 Very good 15
Wilder, Billy Billy Wilder In Hollywood Maurice Zolotow G P Putnam's Sons 1977 Very good 15
Wilding, Michael Apple Sauce George Allen & Unwin 1982 Excellent 12
Williams, Bransby Bransby Williams By Himself Hutchinson 1954 Very Good, Slightly worn D/J 10
Williams, Esther The Million Dollar Mermaid Simon and Schuster 1999 Excellent 15
Williams, Kenneth Just Williams J M Dent 1985 Excellent 15
Williams, Robin The Life And Humour Of Robin Williams Jay David Robert Hale 2000 Excellent 10
Williams, Robin Robin Williams Andy Dougan Orion 1998 Excellent 12
Winters, Shelley Shelley II The Middle Of My Century Simon and Schuster 1989 Excellent 15
Winters, Shelley Best Of Times, Worst Of Times Muller 1990 Excellent 15
Winters, Shelley Shelley, Also Known As Shirley Granada 1981 Very Good 12
Wisdom, Norman My Turn Century 2002 Excellent 10
Wolfit, Donald Sir Donald Wolfit Ronald Harwood Secker & Warburg 1971 Very good 15
Wood, Natalie Natalie Lana Wood Columbus Books 1984 Very good with library markings 10
Wyler, William William Wyler Axel Madsen WH Allen 1974 Very good 15
Wyler, William A Talent For Trouble Jan Herman G P Putnam's Sons 1995 Excellent 20
Wyman, Jane Jane Wyman, A Biograpky Joe Morella and Edward Z Epstein Robert Hale 1985 Excellent 10
Zeffirelli, Franco Zeffirelli Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1986 Excellent 12
Zinnemann, Fred Fred Zinnemann, An Autobiography Bloomsbury 1992 Excellent 20

Latest Additions


Shrimpton, Jean Jean Shrimpton   Ebury Press 1990 Excellent   12        
Beatty, Warren Star - The Life and Wild times of Warren Beatty Peter Biskind Simon & Schuster 2010 Excellent   12        
Harlow, Jean Jean Harlow Tarnished Angel David Bret JR Books 2009 Excellent                       12        
Loy, Myrna Being and Becoming James Kotsilibas-Davis Bloomsbury 1987 Excellent                                    20                    
Davis, Bette An Intimate Memoir Roy Moseley Donald I. Fine Excellent                      15        
Davis, Bette This 'N That   Sidgwick and Jackson Excellent No Dustjacket                    12        
Borgnine, Ernest My Autobiography   JR Books 2009 Excellent                       12        
Coppola, Eleanor Notes On A Life   Doubleday 2008 Excellent                              10
Monroe, Marilyn Marilyn and Me Susan Strasberg Doubleday 1992 Very Good   15        
Carmichael, Ian Will The Real Ian Carmichael...   Butler and Tanner 1979 Very Good Book Club 10        
Power, Tyrone The Last Idol Fred Lawrence Guiles Doubleday 1979 Very Good   15