James Dean

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Three 50's paperbacks including the first ever written on Dean - the William Bast memoir


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Four UK magazines from the 50's with articles on Dean. The copy of Photoplay has an article that finishes with the words "Where does James Dean go from Here?". It was published in September 1955!



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Two more magazines from 1956 and 1957


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A near fine set of French stills for "Giant", glossy, light paper. A set of 9 focussing on Dean; a better set than the UK equivalent (see below)



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1955 German photo magazine of "East Of Eden". 4pp excellent condition


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A part set (7 of 8) of original UK FoH  stills for "Giant". with some wear and creasing, but very rare


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A very rare Mexican lobby card for "Rebel Without A Cause" in near fine condition


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Four unusual volumes from the 70's and 80's



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Two different first day covers from Burbank in 1996, and a sheet of 20 32c stamps unused



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Italian poster for "Giant" 27.5" x 39.5". In very good condition, with minor damgage and creasing at the bottom