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This is part of a large collection of Rock'n'Roll memorabilia from 1958. It is a personal collection acquired from a collector, Eddie Halley from Clapham,  who was a London schoolboy at the time, and consists of autographs and programmes from the shows he went to. He designed these large brown envelopes, 14" x 9", which his mother took to the box office while Eddie was at school, from where they were taken to the dressing room to be signed. Eddie would see the show that night with his friend, and they would get programmes, both of  which Eddie kept. The envelopes, often with signed photos included, would then be picked up the next day by Eddie's mother, and he's kept them for over 50 years, until deciding to cash them in after hearing me discuss pop autographs on a local radio programme. I will put them all on this site this week and then offer them on E-bay at a later date.


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Billy Fury Monthly No 1

Excellent condition SOLD

Billy Fury Monthly No 3

Excellent condition SOLD


We have one of the largest stocks of collectors vinyl in the country and the stock changes daily.

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Fan club postcard from 1963/4 clearly signed on front in different pens by all 5 original Rolling Stones.


Original US half-sheet in very good clean condition, with some pin holes, and minor closed tears.



These 5 issues of the short lived "Pop Ten" monthly magazine date from 1962.  5" x 7", 32pp of B/W photos and stories of the music giants of the day: Elvis, Cliff, Billy Fury, The Shadows, Adam Faith etc.

10.00 each



"Meet The Everley Brothers" Star special No 10 1963. 7.5" x 10", 44pp, glossy covers. B/W photos and story of The Everleys.







 Great art print of DAVY JONES of "The Monkees", clearly signed in ink.  9" x 11.5"





Pop Weekly

7.5" x 9.25",  20pp of stories, gossip, record news and B/W photos of  Cliff, Adam Faith, Billy Fury, Elvis et al; and by 1964 The Beatles,  Rolling Stones and the other groups of the day.

The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Billy Fury and Jet Harris covers 15.00 each; the rest 10.00 each.




"Yellow Submarine" paperback New English Library 1968