Signed Ephemera


Menu from Hollywood's legendary "Brown Derby" restaurant. Dated October 28 1942, it measures 10"x13" and still the contains the stapled-in specials of the day (Whole Broiled Lobster 1.75 !!!). It is slightly browned and stained but in generally excellant condition. It is signed boldly and clearly in ink on the cover by John Conte (MGM contract musical comedy actor of the 40's and TV host of the 50's ); and FRANK MORGAN - "The Wizard of Oz". Great item. See "Rarities" page

                  phoenix.JPG (14365 bytes) Rare Pat Phoenix signed as "Elsie"  on a 1964 Ilkeston Trade Fair programme. Early "Coronation Street" signatures signed in character are now very hard to find.


                  jwalker.JPG (23428 bytes) Very rare Arthur Leslie signed as "Jack Walker" on a 1963 Torquay brochure. See above description.


  Programme from Paul Robeson's 1958 UK tour, his first appearance outside America after the re-instatement of his passport, withdrawn during the communist scares of the early 50's. Clearly signed inside by Robeson.  65.00

  Programme for the 1949 London production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" starring Vivien Leigh, and directed by Laurence Olivier This programme has been clearly signed on the front by both of them.  SOLD

  Typed letter, signed, on the personal notepaper of Katherine Hepburn. Notoriously difficult signature to obtain, this was in response to a request from the BFI for a retrospective in her honour. I obtained it from Adrian Turner personally.  95.00

Star Wars poster, signed and framed, containing 24 signatures from the cast, including Alec Guinness. 5 are now deceased; a unique and irreplaceable item.  sold