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"Anglo American Friendship"

Tower press  jig -saw c1940

Very rare war-time jig-saw featuring Churchill and Roosevelt.

14 x 9.5", over 200 pieces

Complete and in perfect condition. The box is a bit battered, but complete and serviceable.



"Wish Me Luck, As You wave Me Goodbye"

Jig-saw c1940

Another rare war-time jig-saw, this one featuring GRACIE FIELDS and her song "Wish me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye". The first of 4 in the series "20th Century Popular Songs Illustrated".

14" x 9.5", over 200 pieces.

Complete, and in a very good condition original box, shaped like a piano.

Three "Spitting Image" rubber busts from the 80's, featuring MARGARET THATCHER, RONALD REAGAN and DAVID OWEN (with DAVID STEEL). These were sold as dog toys, and no other figures were made that I'm aware of.

15.00 each


Very rare doll of JON PERTWEE as Worzel Gummidge" from the TV series, which ran from 1979 - 1981

China money box in the form of "Dusty Bin", the booby prize character from the Ted Rogers TV series "3-2-1", which ran from 1978 - 1988.